our programmes
In line with Piaget's stages of development,
we understand that childhood is a critical period of memory development and imagination. Therefore we take pride in providing a playful educational experience for the children. Through play, we create memorable learning opportunities that also promote bonding between our staff and the children.
our curriculum
Integrated Curriculum based on Nurturing Early Learners' (NEL) Framework by MOE
  • Aesthetics & Creative Expression
  • Discovery of World
  • Language & Literacy (English, Mandarin & Malay)
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Numeracy
  • Social & Emotional Development
Speech & Drama
by Periwinkle Communications
Indoor & Outdoor Gym
by Kiddie Fitness on Wheels (KFOW)
Arabic Lessons
by qualified Arabic Language teachers
Educational Learning Journeys
based on themes covered in the syllabus
  • Swimming by Achievers Swim School
  • Drama Gym by Kiddie Fitness on Wheels (KFOW)

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